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Food compatibility

Available in various sizes


In a depth filter sheet, the surface area available to retain solids consists not only on the outside of the filter element, but also on the whole surface area of the pores through which the liquid gets filtered. The main advantage of a depth filter sheet is its high capacity to retain polluants, as opposed to the surface filters, which trap them through the simple mechanical action of superficial sieving.

We use for our depth filter sheets special resins that give them more of the mechanical properties, and enable them to withstand the filtering by reducing the problems of swelling and deformation of the cellulose fibers.

The retention mechanisms of solid particles that act within a depth filter are affected by the speed of the flow. The efficiency of absorption is important in the first volume (surface filtration) and thereafter, the retention is done only by internal mechanical capture. There is a clear need to maximize the internal area with substancial weight and thickness for the filtration of organic products.


Depth filter sheet