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PRAT DUMAS is the only company that has been producing paper uninterruptedly since the Middle Ages. The factory, which started its activity in 1309, has specialised in the manufacture of filter paper and has earned an international reputation. The factory has preserved some of the buildings from the Middle Ages, amongst others the 12th-century town church.


PRAT DUMAS spares no effort in being able to produce a superior quality paper. Since 2004, Prat Dumas has had the ISO 9001–2000 certification. The society is considered to be a specialist in crinkled filter paper, which it invented in 1904, as well as in all kinds of industrial and laboratory filter papers.


PRAT DUMAS offers an individualised service to each of its customers and a fast service. Our technical service can study problems our customers may come up against with different filtrations. We can manufacture the exact size and quality of paper to fit your filtering systems. The automation of our production enables us to offer great quality at a very competitive price.